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Teeth Bleaching, Hickory, NC

We use an in-office teeth bleaching treatment to give you that whiter and brighter smile you’re looking for in Hickory.

Teeth BleachingYour smile is one of your most noticeable features when it comes to your appearance. Having great-looking teeth enhances your appearance and sends the message that you are polished and put-together, which can mean a lot in your professional career and personal relationships. Since your teeth are such a prominent feature, it’s no wonder why everyone is so interested in making sure they look as beautiful as possible.

Teeth bleaching is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to make your teeth whiter and brighter and give the impression of youth, vitality, health, and happiness. At Hickory Distinctive Dentistry, we use an in-office teeth bleaching treatment to give you that whiter and brighter smile you’re looking for. We have a state-of-the-art facility with the most up-to-date equipment, so you can be sure you are getting the best possible teeth bleaching treatment.

There are plenty of at-home teeth whitening treatments you can buy, but if you are looking for the quickest and most effective results, in-office teeth bleaching is the way to go. Dentists have access to stronger bleaching solutions that will give you more noticeable results with far less hassle than the at-home whitening kits.

At Hickory Distinctive Dentistry, we strive to give the Hickory, NC community a friendly, inviting atmosphere for all of your dental needs. We know dentistry work can be a drudgery, but we work very hard to create a welcoming environment where you will enjoy coming for your dental work. We understand the value of a beautiful, bright smile and want to help you look your best. We look forward to serving you!


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