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Dental Bridges, Hickory, NC

Our staff in Hickory, NC is experienced with dental bridges, and we can help restore your smile!

Dental Bridges, Hickory, NCDental bridges are a great option if you are missing teeth but want a more permanent option than dentures, which can be removed. Bridges offer a variety of benefits, including being able to chew and speak more easily, restore the look of your smile, distribute bite forces so you don’t break other teeth, and keep the other teeth in the correct position while maintaining the shape of your smile. The three major types of dental bridges are traditional bridges, resin-bonded bridges, and cantilever bridges. We can help you determine which bridge will work best in your mouth.

Traditional dental bridges are placed on either side of a missing tooth and are made of a combination of porcelain and either ceramic material or metal, which then connects with the gum. Resin-bonded bridges require bonding to another piece of metal, which is placed around the existing teeth in your mouth. This type of bridge helps if your teeth need additional support to stay in place. Cantilever bridges are ideal if you are missing teeth on both sides, since this type of bridge only requires bonding to one tooth on one side of the gap.

If you live in Conover, Mountain View, Statesville, Morganton, Granite Falls, Newton, Taylorsville, or Hickory, North Carolina, call our office to learn more about dental bridges. Our dental staff is experienced in this procedure and can help restore your smile.