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Teeth Cleaning, Hickory, NC

Visit us at Hickory Distinctive Dentistry for a teeth cleaning to remove surface stains, leaving you with a brighter smile.

Teeth Cleaning, Hickory, NCTeeth cleaning is an important part of maintaining good oral health. You can, and should, brush and floss your teeth at least once per day, but this can’t always remove the buildup of plaque that exists inside the human mouth. Additionally, each of us has habits that can cause stains and other problems on our teeth, which only a dentist can solve. One key reason that teeth cleaning is so important is that it helps prevent gum disease. There are bacteria inside of our mouths (also known as plaque), which build up on the teeth. Over time, the bacteria harden and cannot be removed through brushing or flossing. Plaque produces toxic materials that cause irritation to the gums, which results in destruction of the gum tissue.

If you do get gum disease, the tissues will recede and expose the root and bone below. This causes a lot of pain and results in additional problems that may require complete removal of the tooth. Aside from preventing gum disease, teeth cleanings can also help remove stains caused by tobacco use or consumption of colored foods and drinks, such as red wine, coffee, and tea. A simple teeth cleaning can remove surface stains, leaving you with a brighter smile.

At Hickory Distinctive Dentistry, we perform teeth cleanings on patients of all ages in the Hickory, North Carolina area. We can help you prevent serious oral health problems in the future, and our staff has experience in providing great results to every patient who comes through our doors.