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Teeth Whitening, Hickory, NC

We offer teeth whitening options for patients who live in and around Hickory, NC.

Teeth Whitening, Hickory, NCSome of the things that many of us enjoy, such as red wine, coffee, and tea, can cause stains on our teeth that are unsightly and unappealing. If you do have dark spots or discolorations on your teeth, you may even avoid smiling, so others won’t see the stains. If you have been to the drugstore recently, you know there are quite a few products available for teeth whitening, and some provide much better results than others. Many top oral hygiene product manufacturers are using whitening agents in their toothpastes and mouthwashes, such as baking soda or peroxide. Be careful when choosing these products, since some whitening agents can actually cause damage to teeth and gums when used incorrectly.

At Hickory Distinctive Dentistry, we offer teeth whitening options for patients who live in and around Hickory, North Carolina. One of the main teeth whitening tips that we recommend is to come in for a dental cleaning every six months. Our dental staff will remove stuck particles of food and surface stains. During your appointment, you can talk to Dr. Dan about other options, such as a gel teeth whitening product that goes into a molded tray, which you wear at home for several hours at a time.

If your tooth stains are too dark to remove through traditional methods, veneers are another option. Veneers are tooth caps that cover your current teeth, producing a shiny white smile. Come in for a consultation today and learn what our dentistry office can provide for you and your family.