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Digital Dental X-Rays, Hickory, NC

We pride ourselves on using digital dental x-rays for Hickory, NC patients, so you get the best overall experience.

Digital dental x-raysIt’s fairly common during a routine dental visit for your dentist to take dental x-rays. This allows him to check for structural issues with your teeth that may not be visible at first glance. Many dentist offices are upgrading to digital dental x-rays for a number of reasons, including less exposure to harmful radiation. Here are some additional advantages to digital dental x-rays:

  • Immediate Availability of Images – There is no more waiting for your pictures to develop while you sit at the dentist’s office. Digital dental x-rays allow images to come up on a computer screen immediately as they are being taken and additionally allow picture re-dos if the first image is unclear or not aligned correctly.
  • Image Enhancement and Storage – Conventional x-rays often showed pictures of your teeth on grainy film. Digital dental x-rays allow for picture enhancement to show dental images more clearly. These images can then be stored for future use or referrals when seeing your dentist during additional visits.
  • Patient Education – Rather than just taking dental advice at its word, dentists can now show patients pictures of their teeth and explain what they are seeing. This helps patients understand any problematic symptoms and the best route for treatment. Having a clear visual can make the situation real for patients, which only enhances their overall care.

Digital dental x-rays include other advantages aside from these, including reduced radiation and shorter dental visits for patients. At Hickory Distinctive Dentistry, we pride ourselves on using digital dental x-rays for Hickory, NC patients, so you get the best overall experience. This means no more long waits in the dentist’s chair waiting for x-rays to turn out and more information for you as you leave to improve your overall oral health. We would love to hear from you if you have questions about dental x-rays, or if you’d like to make your next appointment. Give us a call today!