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Intraoral Camera, Hickory, NC

We can use an intraoral camera at our Hickory office to give you better insight into what’s happening in your mouth.

Intraoral Camera in Hickory, North Carolina
It’s hard to see exactly what’s going on inside your mouth, especially where the health of your teeth and gums are concerned. Here at Hickory Distinctive Dentistry, we can use an intraoral camera to give you better insight into what’s happening in your mouth and help our team better understand which dental services you need for improved oral health.

There are many advantages associated with using an intraoral camera as part of your dental exam. These include some of th following:

  • Instant–When we use an intraoral camera, images can be captured instantly. This way, you can understand what’s happening right then and there from the exam chair.
  • Accurate–Intraoral cameras are highly accurate, and the images they produce are high-quality, so changes can easily be tracked over time.
  • Improved planning–The images we capture with an intraoral camera can help us put together the best treatment plan for your needs.
  • Documentation–If you need to see a specialist, we can easily send the images captured using an intraoral camera to the provider we refer you to.
  • Extended planning –– The images we get using one of these cameras will be kept with your file, so we can refer to them every time you come in for a visit at our Hickory, North Carolina office.

At Hickory Distinctive Dentistry, we are committed to using innovative technology, like intraoral cameras, to provide our valued patients with the best experience possible. If you have questions about how an intraoral camera will be used at your next appointment, please give our office a call today.