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Bruxism, Hickory, NC

If you struggle with bruxism, let us help you protect your teeth and smile in Hickory.

Bruxism in Hickory, North CarolinaTeeth grinding, otherwise known as bruxism, is bad for your teeth and your smile. If you grind and clench your teeth, especially at night, our team at Hickory Distinctive Dentistry is here to help. You might struggle with bruxism if:

  • Your teeth are flattened, fractured, or loose
  • The enamel on your teeth is worn down, exposing the deeper layers of your teeth
  • Your teeth are increasingly painful or sensitive

Stress and anxiety are the biggest causes of bruxism, and most people who grind their teeth do so in their sleep. Know that bruxism can also be caused by an abnormal bite, missing or crooked teeth, or certain sleep disorders, like sleep apnea.

While eliminating stress is one of the best ways to prevent bruxism, we realize that this is not always entirely possible, especially if you lead a busy life. At our office, we can give you advice on stopping bruxism and provide you with a customized mouth guard to wear when you sleep to protect your teeth. We encourage you to make an appointment at our office as soon as possible if you are worried about bruxism and you feel like it’s harming your dental health in Hickory, North Carolina.

At Hickory Distinctive Dentistry, we are ready and waiting to help you preserve the health of your smile for years to come. Contact our office today if you want to find out more about bruxism and how we can help you treat this dental issue.