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Impacted Wisdom Teeth, Newton, NC

We are able to keep a watch out for impacted wisdom teeth and take care of them before they become symptomatic in Newton.

Hickory Distinctive Dentistry will take care of your impacted wisdom teethSometime in your late teens to early twenties, you should expect to have your third molars come in. These molars are called your wisdom teeth. Where the wisdom really comes in, though, is whether you are wise enough to notice if they don’t fully erupt as they should and thus become impacted wisdom teeth. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but is commonly because there isn’t enough space to accommodate the wisdom teeth in your jaw. This can happen with all four of the wisdom teeth or just some of them. It is very common to have at least one; in fact, roughly 3 in 4 people will need treatment for impacted wisdom teeth.

If you are coming to our dental office on a regular basis, we are able to keep a watch out for impacted wisdom teeth and take care of them before they become symptomatic. Another course of action is to leave asymptomatic wisdom teeth alone. Since every patient in Newton, North Carolina is different, we need to see you to be able to let you know what our experience and judgment indicate. As always, the final decision is always yours. We will go over the options, as well as the costs involved. The cost for the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth varies depending on whether it is a soft tissue impaction, partial bony impaction or full bony impaction.

If you haven’t yet gotten your wisdom teeth or you do have them and would like to have them checked to be sure you don’t have impacted wisdom teeth, give us a call at Hickory Distinctive Dentistry today.

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