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Meet Dr. Dan, Hickory, NC

Our Hickory, NC dentist, Dr. Dan Gaffney, has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years.

Hickory Distinctive DentistryMy career in dentistry began at the age of twelve in Bozeman, MT, when Dr. Norm Kenck hired me as a dental assistant at his dental office. Dr. Norm taught me many things about being a dentist with his actions. He was very kind and compassionate and most importantly, he loved what he did. I suspect that being passionate about dentistry led Dr. Norm to work until he was seventy years old, when he retired in the late 1990′s.

Early on, I learned that many patients are anxious and fearful when they are having dental procedures done. Many times, my words and actions assist a patient in alleviating this fear. I have developed a passion for this, and it is what I enjoy most about dentistry.

I graduated from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in 1984. As of June 2, 2014, I have been practicing dentistry for thirty years. I am grateful to Dr. Norm for instilling in me the passion for people that is so much a part of my life and interaction with my patients. I really cannot imagine having any career other than providing quality dental services.

In 2003, my wife Gale and I moved to Hickory from Montana, and I began work as an associate in a dental practice in Claremont, NC. After nine years, I opened my present practice, offering general dentistry. Gale – who is a veterinarian – and I have a true love of animals. At our farm, Riverbend Horses in Mountainview of Hickory, Gale raises horses for dressage and jumping.

We look forward to your coming to see us at Hickory Distinctive Dentistry. Give us a call to arrange your dental appointment today, and you will experience an openness and welcoming you may not have felt before in a family dental care office.

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